Many people ask what is the POQ COLLECTION SL or how can I recognize it. We are clear about what makes it up and how we can know if we are living under the POQ. For that we have created a Decalogue of Bohemian 5 Stars.

The art is not explained, it feels.

With art you build what you see, touch, hear, taste and smell, but also what is invisible that you can not explain, just live.

Discover a place, discover yourself.

Where he goes he discovers and admires a part of the world that he did not perceive before, but above all, a part of that he just woke up to keep walking with the desire to know and get to know each other.

Look inside, go outside.

Taking care of your interior is the way to understand how you can act in the world around you, always going one step beyond what your senses simply perceive and knowing that it will be through each of your acts the way in which you will build the environment that treads.

Everything can be enjoyed.

In everything that happens to you, look for the part that makes you feel good.

At any moment an experience is born.

He knows that he can live an unforgettable experience of absolutely any moment.

The little things are always the biggest.

The details are what make you feel the greatest emotions.

Worry about getting busy.

He dedicates his time to what he thinks is useful for doing things a little better than yesterday.

You never stop learning

Anywhere, at any time, of any story.

It is important to put yourself in the shoes of the other.

Empathy and sharing is one of its values ​​to continue growing individually and collectively.

What counts is what is counted.

Values ​​the power of communication and listening to the world to be able to tell your own, everyone's ... and the one that is yet to come.