We are meticulous. We pay rigorous attention to detail, we work hard and are experts in our craft. Anything that cannot be perceived at first sight is of greatest importance – perfection is our objective.

Our designs are handmade by skilled shoemakers, specialising in jute. Our ancestral needlework methods and exacting craftsmanship, combined with the unique, high-end designs, materials and components we use - sets us far apart from others in our sector.

POQ footwear is entirely created and manufactured in Spain. Our factory is situated in Alicante near the Mediterranean Sea, where the POQ team work happily, doing what we do best.

We want you to feel chic when you wear our shoes, assured in the knowledge that they’ve been expertly crafted by POQ perfectionists. Make a statement!


About founder Pastora Ortiz

Pastora was born in Elda, a town in Alicante with a significant shoemaking tradition. Her family’s roots are in the heart of Andalucia, yet she spent her childhood on the eastern Mediterranean coast. Pastora has spent over 30 years within Spain’s shoe industry.

Her curiosity for design and art in all its forms borders on the compulsive; her passion means that she keeps her fingers on all relevant pulses, in order to stay abreast of how the creative world around her evolves. As a result, Pastora’s work is fiercely traditional yet avant-garde. 

Pastora began POQ as a project born out of frustration that artisanship and excellence in jute footwear was disappearing. 

POQ has become a namesake, an embodiment of her values: Pastora Ortiz Quevedo.